For such a time as this

I am an authorised distributor of joy 😅.  At the close of 2018 I had set up my boogie box inside the centre by M&S and Costa, but was stopped after 20 mins.  I was just about to prepare for my journey home inside Costa, as I needed to rest, when a family commented on my dancing.


Amazingly I was given a new lease of life, which I understand was the Holy Spirit lifting me up when I started to talk about Jesus.  Then my brother called to say that he was heading for the city centre and that we should preach.


I was able to testify to this family what the Lord had done for me and invite them to the Carol service, taking place tomorrow night.  My friend arrived just as the family departed.  We both had a sandwich next door and my tiredness was no more!


He likes it when I have my mini speaker, which I rest my android on to play music.  The video below was how we started proceedings.  This is fun and it’s good exercise.



I am Alex Laing and an overcomer of a traumatic brain injury sustained in the British Army on 2nd Dec 2000.  I have stories of hope and inspiration, mixed with squaddie humour, that will massage your heart.


I am giving my stories away, with regular updates.



Since the start of November 2018, the Lord moved me to the entrance to the Intu shopping centre, where the acoustics are Amazing.  I feel like I am now fishing in deeper water and days after my 44th birthday I felt to walk around the Intu shopping centre, whilst using my mic.  I have written a blog called ‘what no security 😳’ , which includes my latest exploits inside the shopping centre.





In late summer 2018 the Lord had me minister in dance outside McDonald’s The Point CMK from 4pm every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.








One comment

  1. Karin Wiseman says:

    You are a man after God’s Own Heart dear Alex. Blessings will chase you!


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