What no security 😳

Weds 28th Nov in church my spiritual father Pastor Glen Ferguson validated me in a way that lifted me up and allowed my light to shine.  Days earlier I saw a video stating how important it was for the father to validate the son with words of affirmation.  I dropped a hint to both of my father’s as the first and last time I had been validated by my dad was over 20yrs when I joined the Army.  I still remember the therapeutic comment Pastor made in church on how I was a good example of endurance.


At work the next day I was on fire and armed with the knowledge that the leader of this nation admitted defeat whatever option we take concerning Europe.  I later felt peace to minister inside CMK again.  This time I went straight into preaching.  This time I only had 10-20 mins, but my video stopped half way.  I need to start being more strategic 😅.  I did feel like I was back in the Army


The previous Saturday I could have given up before I even started. I had only lasted 5 mins inside the Intu shopping centre before I was removed and then that cheeky chappy showed up


I had time to leisurely walk around the shops, whilst using my mic and then I got comfortable outside McDonald’s as it is a prime location.  After 30 mins I saw my first security guard, but he just ignored me.  For the past few years the Lord has told me that my role would be easier and more fun.  Now I understand.


All this started early this year, where I met my fellow street preacher Melchi outside McDonald’s The Point CMK.  We have since teamed up on a number of occasions, but it was in August that I started to also praise the Lord in dance, as well as preaching.  The next morning I woke up with a healthier morning glory 😂.  Again I took the bible literally by being specific, as God does say to Thank Him in all things.  Days later I also learnt about discretion. 😅 That wknd pastor’s message was Praise, which I received as confirmation.


This was my second offensive move inside the shopping centre, where I had freedom to be 😇


Ever since Pastor’s ordination in late September to become a Bishop, I have experienced a greater anointing when singing and preaching in public, to such an extent that on Saturday 24th November 2018 there was no security inside the shopping centre CMK for over 1 hour.



  1. domdoms says:

    Praise God! Alex!
    Thank you for boldness and no shame for Jesus


  2. Ola says:

    The last paragraph shows that God is indeed backing you up for his work. I pray for more grace for you and more open doors to win souls for Christ.


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