The violent take it by force

On November 30th I felt to set up shop on the edge of the Christmas bonanza at Middleton Hall, where its crowded and the acoustics are brilliant.  Compared to being at McDonald’s the atmosphere here felt heavier.  Wisdom said to send a few of the brethren a 🙏 request before starting. Today I was actually glad to have security intervene and tell me to stop.

when I got home I discovered that a section of the felt roof on my shed had been ripped off and my hallway light had been dislodged from the ceiling.  This was retaliation from the devil as I had taken ground in his stronghold in Middleton Hall.  Revenge will be sweeter!


I decided to go after church as my inner man would be pumped. I wore my Army uniform to indicate that I was at war.  At the 9am service I heard some things from the pulpit, which needed to be shouted out from the roof tops.  I passed the First Lady by the exit, who could see by my persona that I was on it.  Asked me how I was and I felt like the Terminator as I replied ‘today will be a defining day’.


Wisdom had me contain myself and not return to Middleton Hall there and then, but rather have my usual bkft at the local supermarket cafe, whilst reading  my bible.


During the main service I was agitated and needed to lay this thing down.  I was going to get a lift with a friend, but she would have talked me out of it.  I didn’t have to wait long for a bus to the city.


I thought that this would be my final time that I would be preaching inside the shopping centre.  I prepared myself for the most audacious pitch to date.  I started by declaring “no weapon formed against me shall prosper” and then I used scripture to attack.


I was a sight to behold, in my Army  camouflage uniform.  I gave zeal a new definition with my outbursts stating the definition of peace to the adverse person was taking it easy and going on holiday, but to the religious Muslim peace meant war with the infidiles and that we have never lived in a time with so many distractions to take us away from the still small voice of God.  I was wrong and apologize for repeating what I heard in church.
The most common feedback I had from my church was “he that wineth souls is wise” ; but since listening to my sister Audrey Mack in the summer I have been consumed with Matthew 11:12.  Since the days of John the Baptist the Heavens have suffered violence, and the violent take it by force.
This lady shared the most thought provoking statement to date, which made me ditch my glasses and that was symptoms is to sickness as temptation is to sin.
By His grace I am what I am and how profound that it was on my 18th anniversary of my crash that I preached my ❤️ out inside my local shopping centre at the busiest time of year.
The following week l had a triple witness to stop inside the shopping centre via my pastor sharing concern for my safety and that I need to delete the video I made.  The next day my manager said that complaints had been made and I was giving M&S a bad rep as everyone knows that I work as the milkman for M&S.  If they got any more complaints I would get an instant dismissal. 
My final witness was speaking with the head of security at the shopping centre who proper blessed me.  He said that I could carry on with what I am doing outside Mcd, but not inside.  This is not to stop preaching, but to stop preaching against other religions, because we are not all in the same boat.
I love the people of Milton Keynes.  People know my story and the security especially have excelled themselves with my recent endeavours.  I now just want to hug them and kiss them, but I think I’ll just have to trust God to share His love.  😂
Wisdom had me remove my video, which has kept my job at M&S as there is no evidence and also that it doesn’t start a riot.  😅
Yesterday the Lord reminded me of my calling whilst waiting for a bus at the point.  There were some teenagers playing music and dancing, which reminded me of what I had been doing outside Mcd.


  1. Dominic says:

    Go for it I am so proud and encouraged


  2. Karin Wiseman says:

    Amen dear Alex, we as servants of the LORD WILL LABOUR for the Kinsgdom of GOD to come to earth.

    Thank You Lord. Angels will harvest the souls of God’s children


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