High intensity interval training.


I’m amazed at how you can spend considerably less time doing this type of exercise and still burn more calories than all the other.


Exercise is a must if I want to have a life of purpose.  I desire to be an excellent steward and resourceful in all my endeavours, so HIIT ticks all the boxes.  The more I alternate, the better.  The USP was burning calories afterwards whilst having a cup of tea.  Must be a Godsend!


For a while I had tried to get back into ketosis by consuming a keto style diet while following intermittent fasting, but with no obvious signs.  Now I have a better understanding of fuel needed for completing a HIIT workout and a low intensity fat burner, where this time I will eat before.


There is belief that exercising in a fasted state is more beneficial, but I can testify that it would sometimes leave me fatigued for the next few hours


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Our mental and physical health are intrinsically linked and today stress and anxiety are at crisis levels!  I need the upper hand by improving my physical fitness, especially so that I can improve my prayer life.


Us men especially, need help to fulfil our role as a man.  Never has it been so hard to be a man, where men are under attack. The stats speaks volumes, where three quarters of suicide are by men.


Our minds are a battlefield and we need to guard our senses like never before.  If we walk by our senses aka the flesh our minds can be a playground for the devil.


Men are not fulfilling their responsibilities in the home, either because of stress, mental illness or separation and women are having to step up and adapt, losing some of their finesse along the way.  As women are not having their emotional needs met, there is now an exodus of women becoming lesbian.


The devil’s No 1 agenda has always been to remove the man from the home.

Tight but it’s right

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