At the Andrew Wommack Ministries Grace & Faith conference, I experienced a miracle.  In April 2015 God told me to attend the Grace & Faith conference on Fri 22-Sun 24 May in Telford.


God woke me up earlier than normal and had me listen to a radio station I don’t normally follow and it was the next advert on.  Rightfully so I was excited and in expectation of a miracle, especially as God spoke to me again at church via my friend Deacon Oma on Sun 10th May, who told me how “God was very happy with the way I worshiped Him.  I was not to change my unique haphazard style, because He will pleasantly surprise me”. (smile)


At the conference, I met a young lady, who opened my eyes re-saving the battery power on my mobile, just by sticking on the flight mode, which now allows me to control my mobile, rather than vice versa and allows me more peace in a world wanting my constant attention, predominantly from bogus insurance claims.


I even got to meet Andrew Wommack on Sun 24th May 2016, who during our conversation, commanded fatigue to leave me.


4 days later on my return to work, I got confirmation of my miracle via the notice board at M&S.  3 days later I received two more confirmations at my church.  The first song kept repeating the word smile and then the announcer rebuked everyone for not smiling.



On Sat 6th June 2015 I was able to work 3hrs consecutively for the first time since late 2000!


Miracles seem to be for a season, as I still need to be wise in this area and the length of the season seems to be based on my obedience to God’s Word.  Lord of Mercy!


A friend commented on how if anything (my dancing) that I do offends someone, then I must stop, for the sake of peace.  Alternatively, that person could be delivered from the spirit of heaviness.  Ironically whenever I worship elsewhere, lives are blessed and transformed, where my worship is a catalyst for others to start worshiping.  Whenever my worship is interrupted by someone, as it was again last night I will always have this word of encouragement  “God was very happy with the way I worshiped Him.  I was not to change my unique haphazard style, because He will pleasantly surprise me”.  I now realize that this a continuous statement until Jesus returns.



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