Bradville Revival

The brethren at have been in preparation for a move of God that the World needs to see. We are now ready to worship the Lord with clean hands.

Proceedings start at 1900hrs on Thursday 1st October, putting on 10 services until Sunday 1800hrs. Only a few weeks ago l arrived with a passion to make the difference in C19.

All attendees at this conference need to obtain a FREE ticket 👆 and an overflow room is available for all people wishing to have more room and the good news for other travelling believers in God, is that and is only 5 mins walk away.

This church is smaller than my last and l prefer it that way. I am forever grateful to as l arrived in a rougher state than l am now, considering that l was still in early days post brain trauma and frequently lost my temper and displayed other symptoms of frontal lobe damage. They will always hold a warm place in my ❤️

I’ve always enjoyed changing the atmosphere, often with my haphazard style of worship and excitable preaching and truth saying. By His Grace l am what l am and l like my life. So that my life has not been in vain, l need to be consistent and disciplined.

I also believe that God is going to raise up 300 men and women in Milton Keynes to emulate brother Gideon’s Army and to bring the multitudes to Christ.

The devil has been very active, while the church has been passive preaching eschatology instead of occupying until His return.  Jesus will only return for a united victorious bride.   

We have got our work cut out before Jesus returns, and in Jesus Name l will not see this as my last chance saloon to sin 😅

God needs our permission to invade Earth. On behalf of all believers of Jesus Christ l want to repent and ask for your forgiveness for not caring. It is my responsibility as a Christian to pray for my country, neighbours and leaders in Government, business and the service sectors.

To release Heaven on Earth. 1. I must love. 2. Worship becomes intercession. 3. Intercession with prayers. 4. Giving becomes intercession. Resources will give you influence, hence why we need to build more churches and occupy till He comes.

If we are desperate for more of God, He will use us to bring the multitudes to Christ.


How profound that l will soon be returning from Furlough at M&S cmk, where l am in anticipation for signs to follow me as I’m a believer. I am looking forward to giving the devil a headache 😇

I keep my peace by anticipating Jesus’s return.

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