Chosen – Life of Jesus

I am so excited about sharing this series of stories on our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in the most interesting and insightful l have ever seen. This is going to help me learn more in my walk with the Lord.

Never has a Holy entity been clouded with such lies and controversy because of His importance for mankind. In a nutshell we can only come to Father God in heaven by being in relationship with Jesus.

Ok so you may not believe in God. Please imagine a circle containing everything in the Universe. How much of it do you know? Most people I’ve asked are humble enough to say just a dot, where the intellects would say less than 10%. In any case, is it not possible to say that in the 90% you don’t know about, that God exists.

It doesn’t matter what wealth and privilege you were born into, you are still born in a sin nature. How dare l say such a thing against your angelic son or daughter. Please explain how you don’t need to teach them to be disobedient.

It’s our sin nature that separates us from a Holy God and that is why Jesus came into the world to become our sin, even though he never knew sin.

This is the most glorious season of the year, when Jesus came into the world. Most people that walked with Jesus never who He really was until after he was resurrected.

Please comment and share this message of hope, which will restore the ❤ of the multitudes and follow me by clicking on the 3 dots in my homepage.

I pray that ‘Chosen’ will impact your life like it has mine.

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