Get FREE from sexual immorality so we can fulfil our purpose

I recently purchased ‘Clean’ by Doug Weiss as l needed to replace my old battered copy. God used a couple to inform me of this amazing book in Dec 2015 and now God wants me to prepare for marriage. The goal is to become and stay free from sexual immortality, so that we can fulfil our purpose.

Not only do l desire to get married, but l also want to fulfil my purpose for being on this Earth and from the little I’ve read so far I’ve found some gems…

God has designed you and me to do amazing things for His kingdom, and our level of sexual purity will determine how useful we are. Sex and destiny are linked.

This is why the devil works so hard to ensnare us in sexual sin. His goal is to neutralise us through immoral sexual behaviour, thereby making us ineffective for the kingdom.

Eden books are the only bookstore in the UK that sells this book and Amazon can only send from the US with excessive p&p. Buy your own copy here

We need to look at the bigger picture, and realise that the destiny of other people are dependent on us completing ours, especially for us Christians as many people are watching us to see proof of this God of the Bible we often love to share.

I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God leading to salvation to everyone who believes.

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