Covid survival plan

The victims of Covid all had preexisting medical conditions, so we need to hear from God. Who else can give us better advice.

As a child of God l encourage myself in His word, especially when l am reminded that when l spend time reading the bible, l am also spending time with Jesus.

As l spend more time with God, through prayer, bible study and attending church l will develop a more intimate relationship with God and no longer have to second guess when He speaks to me.

Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Ghost, so we need to look after them, especially our immune system. I’m sad to say that when we wear a face mask, social distance and stay at home, we are being groomed to become cleaner and weaker.

Allegedly the scientists are able to predict that the next strain of the virus will be more aggressive and more worryingly when it will manifest. March is the ETA for the next strain of the virus and by the end of this year we will need Covid passport if we wish to work or travel. Like I’ve said before this is a dress rehersal for taking the RFID chip and ironically this was predicted thousands of years ago in Revelation 13:16-18.

My pastor recommends regular exercise and taking supplements of vitamins and minerals. Specifically l choose iron as it increases blood flow and production, which increases oxygen production and vitamin C as this strengthens our immune systems.

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