I discovered Autophagy through fasting

On Sat 22nd July 2017 I felt the Lord wanted me to fast, so l watched numerous fasting videos. I started to lose interest when the preacher started promoting 40 days, of just drinking water.

I then felt captivated watching a video on intermittent fasting, which also promoted an increase in testosterone levels. For years I have dreaded fasting, as I would only have water during the fast, but now I’ve learnt that I can also have black coffee or tea, with Stevia (the only natural sweeter from the Stevia tree). It’s just hot water with caffeine! I will keep a diary of this fast for 21 days.

Day 1 I am reminded of a statement I discovered at the start of 2017, “when you are faithful whilst hidden, God can trust you to be faithful when he puts you in the open”. The irony is that this preacher has a reputation for preaching 2nd hand messages, but God still uses him.

The 21 day fast is usually associated with Daniel, fasting from meat, bread and sugar. This time I will be fasting for 16 hours, then have an 8hr window to eat. I will also follow the ketogenic diet, which also excludes sugar and bread and other high carb foods, and eating 80% fat.

Day 2 I donated samples of my blood, to a nurse at my GP for the NHS Bone Marrow Dept, to see if I am a match for their patient in need of stem cells and then posted the blood engorged test tubes in the city centre post office. Whilst on my favourite bench in the shopping centre, I cancelled my initial blood donation at the end of August, as it clashed with the stem cells donation. I have to allow 3-4 months for my blood to reproduce enough cells, which on this occasion the patient needing stem cell replacement got priority.

Day 3 I spoke with my store manager, who had recently read my story, but to no avail. “Very interesting story Alex, but not for M&S”. I took it on the chin and kept my peace. Shortly after I was reminded of Sunday, where pastor said we needed to lay something down for God to work with and then let God do what only He can do.

Day 4 Even though I’ve done my bit, I must still not be complacent! I am encouraged when I think of all the people that have ever achieved anything in life. They never had an easy ride, always facing numerous obstacles to overcome, before they reached their goal! Life is not for the faint hearted and I must remember to appreciate and enjoy the journey, wherever I find myself.

Day 5 l learnt of the medicinal value of fruit whenever eaten on an empty stomach, especially if you are a cancer patient. The stats are 80% of cancer patients are healed when they prescribe to this lifestyle, with other benefits such as longevity and weight loss. This can only tweak my fast. However I have since learnt that Banana is excluded from this because of the high levels of sugar.

Day 6 l learnt that Autophagy is the body recycling itself and intermittent fasting is a popular vehicle to achieve this. This is optimized when High Intensity Interval Training is completed at the end of the 16-8 fasting window. HIIT supposedly also has an afterburn effect, allowing us to burn more stubborn fat.

Day 7 The FDM choir were in full swing outside Tesco in Wolverton for the third time this year. I gave the customers something to look at, with my haphazard style of dancing, without a care in the world. This has been my unofficial ministry in public events, since I’ve been saved.

I even got to see my sister. We haven’t spoken for over a year, since I lost my temper with her. I did get to say sorry, I love you and that I miss you before she replied “yeah, but you still tried to smash my face in” and amazingly all I could think to say was “that’s life” and then she stormed off! Alex you Plonker!

However, I did get to meet with 2 men from my past and exchange contact details with them and one of them lives close to the church.

How to make keto fried bread 👇

Day 8 The church invited Peter Gladwin (Author of ‘Out of the Ashes’) to share his story at the 11am service (rare occasion) and it felt like it was meant to be, as he also has a heart for the lost. He has a full time prison ministry and states that now he is travelling all over the world and that before he was a Christian he had not even stepped out of Bradford.

That evening I started to learn about Ketosis (latest buzz in the fitness industry) and a benefit is to use your stored fat as fuel and more importantly improves brain health. The transition period of using carbs as fuel into fat as fuel can take a matter of weeks or months. Success is in following a disciplined regime.

Day 9 I learnt about the benefits of sodium, specifically fine Himalayan salt to aid water with the transfer of nutrients in and around the body and removal of toxins from the body. Just add a dash to my water and stir.  Alleluia! This habit removes my cravings every time as it replaces minerals lost during fasting.

Day 10 I learnt examples of Ketogenic meals, unlike the batch of stew with potatoes and root vegies that I was enjoying, but I’ll get there! I’m looking forward to having plenty of bacon & eggs with some tomatoes cooked in coconut oil.

Day 11 I leant of the contents of diary milk, which alarmingly has traces of estrogen. With the ketogenic lifestyle and being over 40, I need to increase my testosterone levels, with estrogen having the opposite effect.

Day 12 I learnt the bitter truth about my latest author contact, who was not in a position to help me with my story and that I’d have to find myself an editor to help me with all aspects of creating a book.

Day 13 I felt like the prodigal son returning to my local gym for the third and final time. This was also the first day that I followed the ketogenic diet, consuming a whole avocado with one of my remaining stew type meals, minus the sweet potatoes.

Day 14 At work I was very much in Ketosis, which was also day 2 of eating a keto diet. I recognized that I was in ketosis because my brain felt revitalized; giving me a much sharper memory and the fact I didn’t have any sugar cravings. The majority of my colleagues also commented on my work rate, which gave me another opportunity to praise the Lord!
That evening whilst online, I learnt of the neuroprotective of fasting after traumatic brain injury, helping to significantly reduce stress and start neural autophagy, which leads to brain detox. How amazing that I’d also experienced this beauty earlier in the day!

Day 15 I treated myself to a medium caramel latte, which I have not had in years, even if it would have taken me out of Ketosis, but for how long? I wouldn’t be surprised if I was out for not only a few days, but hours. Alleluia!

That Sunday evening my housemate asked for my help as the washing machine had locked his clothes inside, also with no power. Sometimes, after a powerful church service the portholes of heaven are opened up, causing havoc in my life. I explained what had happened and that I would have to anoint my washing machine. I spoke to Beto, my washing machine and after I finished my prayer, the green light came on when I switched the power back on, so we could open its door, much to the amazement of my new lodger.

Day 16 I had my first ACV Apple Cider Vinegar drink. I had the kick-start version, including ¼ tsp cayenne pepper, ginger and cinnamon with half a lime and 2tbs ACV just before using the gym, which worked a treat. I was surprised that my flesh was still alive, even after completing a grueling workout. After wasting an hour lusting away, I was able to get out the house and return a t-shirt to a shop in Wolverton and then read my bible in my favourite café, where they even allow me to eat my own food, as long as buy a drink. I call it favour, but a friend says I’m taking liberties!

I was able to return home and make myself a keto meal just from leftovers. I also needed to find myself an editor that would help me without making a down payment.

Amazingly, within the first hour of making contact with Christian Editors, I struck gold! I even got to speak with the editor in America, via the instant messenger function of my mobile. I needed to hear him say that he would be happy to complete all the editing needed, whilst I paid what I could. I was at peace reading his website, which stated he was cheaper than most because he saw it as a ministry.

Day 17 Compared to how I felt when I last worked on day 14, I felt lazy, which showed me that I was still out of Ketosis. How annoying! I need to stick to the plan! I look like I have lost weight! Today I noticed that supermalt drink is packed with sugars, which I used to have with my lunch and finish after work. Even though I would get instant relief, it was not natural and now that I have been armed with all this information, I need to change this with an ACV drink or a 50% diluted juice drink.

Day 18 My cognitive reasoning was much better today, enabling me to tackle outstanding garden chores, even when the conditions were not suitable. As it was raining, I had to remind myself that I had been here before. I had my first night cap ACV drink with frozen strawberries, mint leaves and the juice of 1 lime and with no spices! WOW so refreshing!

Day 19 I felt like I was back in ketosis, from my sharper brain activity, allowing me to have another excellent day owning the milk!

Day 20 my first errand was an appointment with the Hygienist, who shared a nugget with me! After I have brushed my teeth, don’t rinse my mouth out. This allows the cleaning agents to continue cleaning my teeth and gums.

I had an amazing workout, but unfortunately I wasn’t prepared for the attention I got via temptation. I eventually dragged myself out of the house and went into town, finding a healthy distraction via an unexpected meeting with a friend, who joined me for a meal.

When I got home I continued where I left off, playing with fire! LAING….GET A GRIP! Maybe not the best choice of words 😁

Day 21 I got the shock of my life when I saw my bathroom scales, telling me that I’d lost 5kg. WOW! 5kg in 21 days, but I didn’t want to lose that. Some experts recommend only doing this type of fast for 3-5 days, oops! I’m slim enough as it is!

To get into ketosis, I am informed that you just have to maintain any one of these:

  1. Intermittent fasting
  2. Keto diet – low carbs, high fats
  3. Eat Coconut oil
  4. Being active during carb restriction. This converted the use of glucose as a fuel source into that of fat, but can take from 1-4 weeks.
    As I did all of the above, I felt like I was in ketosis by the end of the 2nd week , by the amazing natural high I was experiencing and my improved cognitive stimuli and better memory!
  5. I discovered by accident that the most effective way of losing weight is HIIT towards the end of my 16/8 fasting window.
    This is the pinnacle of ‘my physical and mental health being intrinsically linked!’
  6. I have also started a good habit by always carrying a small bag of mixed nuts in my back pack to go with my trustee 700ml BPA plastic bottle of water.

I am now investigating ketogenic lifestyle, especially the deserts. Try this! http://janetsdeliciouslowcarbkitchen.com/how-to-turn-any-recipe-into-low-carb-gluten-free/

Roll on late 2021 https://mymarathonalexlaing.com/2021/10/26/easy-homemade-hummus-nourishing-filling-snack-in-just-5-minutes/

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥THIS IS THE BEST VIDEO I’VE SEEN FOR KETO FOOD ALTERNATIVES https://mymarathonalexlaing.com/2021/11/03/watch-14-foods-that-have-almost-zero-carbs-on-youtube/🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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