Watch “This trick to reduce stress, anxiety and also defeat Covid 19

I have recently started having a cold shower in the morning and it’s not just a 30 secs job either. My ego has to go into hiding, but this habit is such a game changer!

God has got a sense of humour by using this heathen to share this life saving habit. My mentor tells me, my people perish though lack of understanding and now more than ever we need to utilise what is working and this clearly works!

You’ve heard the saying “no pain, no gain”, well now l reiterate what my mentor says. We must swim out to the deep waters of life or climb that mountain to succeed in any given quest.

Society has conditioned us to stay in our comfort zone, so unless we embrace new habits and change, the views of our mountain will never change.

Now more than ever we need to look at our options for defeating Covid 19 and forget about taking the vaccine, we simply just need to take a cold shower.


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