Watch “You Probably Weren’t Expecting To Hear This On Black Friday!” on YouTube

Why is Black Friday so popular?

Scarcity! We go crazy for the huge deals, because we can save up to 50-80% and then the day after, the price goes back up again.

What about this Black Friday deal. How long does this last for? It is written, ‘it is appointed for man to die and then the judgement’

So long as you have breadth in your lungs, as long as your heart is beating, this deal is still open. You still have access to Jesus Christ. You still have a chance to make your way right with Good, by coming to the cross and asking for forgiveness.

There is scarcity to this deal as well, because who can guarantee that we will be here tomorrow. No one can. Today is the day of Salvation. Tomorrow may be too late, and now its the accepted time.

There is an offer open today. Jesus Christ has died for sinners, and if you run into His open arms, you can know that you will have eternal life and your sins forgiven and a home reserved for you in heaven.

Will you take it today. Will you take that offer whilst the door is open this very day. God bless you and thank you for reading and watching the video.

If you are a Christian, l ask you to do me a huge favour and share this with family and friends.

Let them all see this, as we want them all to know that on Black Friday, there was a God man who died for sinners, and He loves us and is ready to save and forgive those that will run into His arms.

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