Duty to inspire

I am Alex Laing and also left the Army with more than I had enlisted with. I too was injured on duty with the British Army Air Corps on 2nd Dec 2000.

I am writing my autobiography Running by Faith. ETA early 2020. Just need a publisher. 25% of proceeds will be donated to https://www.ssafa.org.uk/

But by virtue of my recent improvement in health and cognitive skills I now have a duty to inspire comrades and civvies that I choose to help.

For such a time as this, I need to ask a huge favour, that you subscribe to the channel above, which will eventually free up my time to support the charity https://www.ssafa.org.uk/


I have given blood all my life and have noticed a sad pattern, which is that I hardly ever saw any ethnic minority donors.  To exaggerate the problem in late 2018 I learnt about sickle cell disease, which affects all ages groups from these communities.



Since Feb 2019 I have been given another platform to empower lives by informing people about this monster and how it is a matter of life or death for these persons to self medicate and have regular blood transfusions, but can only receive from their own community.   It is critical that the NHS finds 40,000 blood donors and only God knows why I have been commissioned to take up this mantle.


Simply visit http://www.blood.co.uk or your national blood donation centre as this is a growing global crisis and register.  A medical expert will then make contact with you.   It is more blessed to give and more doors will open for you when you get on board this blood bus.  😇



To whom much is given much is expected, especially as I have already overcome a brain injury, but not by own strength.  I understand how this is very much a taboo subject, but the Lord is my helper.   This will give me another platform to further His kingdom until He returns.


Discipline and commitment is the key to success in any endeavour and there is never a perfect time to do anything


My fellow street minister likes it when I have my mini speaker, which I rest my android on to play music.  The video below was how we started proceedings.  This is fun and it’s good exercise.



I am Alex Laing, an ex soldier in the British Army Air Corps, who left with more than I had enlisted with.  I have stories of hope and inspiration, mixed with squaddie humour, that will massage your heart.


Since the start of November 2018, the Lord moved me to the entrance to the Intu shopping centre, where the acoustics are Amazing.  I feel like I am now fishing in deeper water and days after my 44th birthday I led to walk around the Intu shopping centre, whilst using my mic.  I have written a blog called ‘what no security 😳’ , which displays my exploits inside the shopping centre.



In August 2018 the Lord had dance outside McDonald’s The Point CMK from 4pm every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.



I believe that God wants me to add the acoustic guitar to my street ministry 😯


I have a unique condition of frontal lobe damage, so I now have no inhibitions which is a great tool for evangelism which includes a variety of ministries, especially my unorthodox haphazard style of dancing and preaching the Gospel.


After years of constant retaliation from the enemy I am now more mindful of habits I need to repeatedly implement before and after ministry, such as drawing the blood of Jesus around my personal space, my home and especially my android and pc.


We are overcomers and I am excited with a Big expectant ❤️ of receiving everything back from the devouring locust, eespecially as the theme of 2019 for my church faithdimensions.com is ‘End of Drought’k9

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