For such a time as this

We are living in such unprecedented times with distractions coming from all angles. The Corono virus has taken the majority by surprise, with varied reports blaming the Chinese eating bats bought from the market where the original mutations of the virus jumped from animal to human and now human to human.

There is also the belief that G5 mobile transistors are leaking radiation and producing similar symptoms to C19 and ironically a majority of the hospitals are using 5G technology. G5 is x10 more powerful than 4G and allegedly attacking the cells in our bodies. Then a state of emergency was dcelared by World leaders to have Lockdown to contain the virus and to add salt to the wound, engineers are now putting up these alleged radiation leaking masts under our noses. As a precaution I made sure to contact the local MP to at least investigate these life threatening allegations.

Online there has never been so many gurus wanting to offer you the latest program to offer you an online business, where you can operate it from anywhere in the world. All you need is a laptop and access to the internet. Warren Buffet did quote “Until you can money whilst you sleep you will work until the day you die’. I hold my hands up and hold the record for the most amount of refunds for online courses that was seriously distracting me from releasing my first mini book. I’m glad to say that my last successful reason for not being able to do their course was that I did want my life to be in vain, as a survivor of a brain injury I had to share my story with the world and bring the multitudes to Christ.

Ironically and frustratingly my Facebook Ads campaign for my latest venture was extended by a week due to an error on their side and today my Sales campaign began. Perfect timing when you consider that the majority of the world will be at home and my website to help you learn is

With all this going on I would normally get my fix by attending, but the Lockdown has included all public gatherings of all houses of Worship and I am pleased to hear that most believers I speak to already have an online church to follow. If you available I ask you to join me to hear the Word of God preached, giving encouragement and peace that surpasses your understanding at

Never has there been an opening for the Gospel to be preached, but rather than rubbing peoples noses in it I need to be sensistive to hear God’s voice. It would be unlike me if I didn’t say that we are living in End Days and that Jesus will come back like a thief in the night. Are you ready?

My stepmum used to quote to me as a child from Confucius saying how men in pointy hats would rule the world, which econimcally speaking China is doing that today. I’ve heard reports that a vacine is in the pipeline for the Corono virus and that the powers to be will insert it via a microchip which will also contain your bank details and GPS. This was prophesied in Revelation 13:16-17 thousands of years ago. More more need say I.