Citizen MK newspaper 2011


On the morning of Sunday 14th October 2018 I was prompted to read Matthew and I was dreading it.  Forgive me Lord, but I mistook the genealogy of Jesus with the genealogy of the sons of Jacob in 1 Chronicles. 😅  Today I learned that it was Jacob’s son Judah,

First wknd away in Germany

  I used to knock about with three other lads, Cockney and V from Basic Training and Taff from the previous intake of new soldiers.  We all loved dancing, drinking and having a laugh.  Out of all the places we could have visited, we chose Amsterdam!   This is one

MK NEWS Summer 2011 Ex-soldier overcomes serious skiing injury to run marathon

A man left partially paralyzed after a skiing accident is spreading a message of hope after he completed the London Marathon in 2011.   When he was in the Army in 2000, Alexander Laing, 36 was paralyzed down his left-hand side after the accident, which left him with problems with

Transition ~ 3

When I was 17 I played for a local men’s football team, also with a few other local friends.  That was a laugh, especially as the men were slower in their speed and reaction, so thankfully I had more time on the ball, as coordination wasn’t my forte.  Occasionally there

McDonald’s surprise

On Saturday 29th September 2018 I ministered outside McDonald’s.  Today I did struggle to get WiFi and twice experienced an angry person kick over my speaker with my attached Gospel playing mobile.   However an hour into proceedings when my helpful Evangelist returned with her children, an angelic toddler of

Boarding School ~ 2

My grandfather held the last Army post of Commandant.  Even before I was born, it wasn’t even up for debate where I would be schooled.  My dad also had the benefit of spending his school holidays here, so he was able to witness the operations of the school.  Understandably so,

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