6pm Healing @ KFC

Before you start thinking they have improved the recipe of the takeaway chicken outlet, I am referring to the evening Glory Encounter service at http://www.kingdomfaithchurch.org.uk I arrived here with a broken heart and my condition had prevented me from praying effectively for my family. A prophetic coach shared that l had a heart issue just by my sharing that l did not pray much for my family and that l also had to be more effective in all endeavours. My biggest struggle had been hearing clearly from God and it doesn’t help matters with the increasing distractions. Not everything that … Continue reading 6pm Healing @ KFC

Time to Manifest

You have taken the recommended C19 vaccine, but you still need to wear a face mask and social distance. Now do you see that you have been played, or are you going to believe another lie that they are just testing the vaccine as it is supposedly only 65% safe Have you asked why that is so? Testing your patience more like or realistically your common sense. It must be an intelligent new strain of the virus which was discovered 1-2 weeks after the vaccine, because it only attacks the British to try and prevent the UK from leaving the … Continue reading Time to Manifest

Planets in alignment

Tonight the planets are in alignment for the first time in 2000 years, making Heaven and Earth line up together. The witches and warlocks are gathering together at Stonehenge and other strategic sites all over the world to make blood sacrifices and command spells to be released. Initially l got caught up in this drama and forgot about my Jesus…. This is a very important time for Christians as we are not aware that this is taking place tonight! We need to 🙏 that God will send his angels and that we will align our will with His and that … Continue reading Planets in alignment

Watch “How To Discover And Release Your Gift To Impact The World by Dr Myles Munroe #marceluyimedia” on YouTube

This man of God has touched millions of lives around the world, self included with the anointing on his life. God has placed him back in my life for such a time as this to hear clearly from our Father in Heaven to successfully negotiate the perilous times we now find ourselves in. I ask that you follow me via the 3 dots on the homepage, to share and comment. Community is now even more important, not just for us to fulfil our purpose, but to avail ourselves to love and serve our neighbour as Christ did us in this … Continue reading Watch “How To Discover And Release Your Gift To Impact The World by Dr Myles Munroe #marceluyimedia” on YouTube

Whose report will you believe

The British government issues guidance on side effects and information available on the new vaccine, and warns some against taking the vaccine On the first day of vaccination with the Pfizer / Biontech vaccine in Britain, two people were admitted to the hospital to recover from a violent allergic reaction, then reports of side effects began, prompting the government to issue directives on its government website about the new vaccine, who should avoid it and what are its damages The most important of these directives are summarized for you in the following points, and then we followed them with their … Continue reading Whose report will you believe

Get face mask exemption card here

If you don’t want to wear a face mask click here https://hiddendisabilitiesstore.com/shop.html. However l warn you it’s a minefield of spiritual self destruction. It’s not just disabled people that are exempt from wearing a face mask. If you too no longer want to be dehumanised or feel pressured into complying with what the masses are doing. Order online! 👇 Something very sinister is happening. The other day I was informed that the FREE exemption card is out of stock, so now if we want to keep our freedom we have to pay for it. Having taken a peak at the … Continue reading Get face mask exemption card here

Chosen – Life of Jesus

I am so excited about sharing this series of stories on our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in the most interesting and insightful l have ever seen. This is going to help me learn more in my walk with the Lord. Never has a Holy entity been clouded with such lies and controversy because of His importance for mankind. In a nutshell we can only come to Father God in heaven by being in relationship with Jesus. Ok so you may not believe in God. Please imagine a circle containing everything in the Universe. How much of it do you … Continue reading Chosen – Life of Jesus

Bill Gates and Covid-19

This blog has caused me much sorrow in sharing what I’ve discovered. The implications have eternal ramifications. I was just nodding off on my sofa when my friend shared the greatest exposition of truth. I was slapped back into consciousness and reminded of my purpose to write and share worthy news. I am shocked at how much power Bill Gates has been allowed and horrified at the freedom given to use the Black & Indian people as guinea pigs. I too was fooled with his leaving Microsoft to pursue the life of a philanthropist with one hand, whilst with the … Continue reading Bill Gates and Covid-19

Persistently being consistent & methodical

These are the keys to be successful in all endeavours in life!  I’m so excited! I have had Wealthy Affiliates & co under my radar since l first learnt about affiliate marketing from a wise man who testified how he came to Milton keynes with a dying wife and a dying son.  He could not do the normal 9-5, so he had to learn about other ways of making money. At a retreat last autumn he testified how trading is too volatile and property takes up too much of your time and money, but to do affiliate marketing.  But here’s … Continue reading Persistently being consistent & methodical

Now the end will come

This Good News of the Kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world as a testimony to all the nations and then the end will come. Brother Jesse Duplantis mentions from 19.10 in video below that even people in the North and South Pole are watching his broadcasts and have invited him to minister to them. https://youtu.be/LpOGOMahnuw. This is also excellent to learn how to be victorious in our finances! Matthew 24:14 has now been fulfilled and then will come the tribulation, such as not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will again. Evil activities … Continue reading Now the end will come