Boarding School ~ 2

My grandfather held the last Army post of Commandant.  Even before I was born, it wasn’t even up for debate where I would be schooled.  My dad also had the benefit of spending his school holidays here, so he was able to witness the operations of the school.  Understandably so,

Audios of Greenford ~ 1

GB Para-climbing

I only started climbing this year.  Please help me attend the trials at GB Para-climbing    

For such a time as this

I am Alex Laing and an overcomer of a traumatic brain injury sustained in the British Army on 2nd Dec 2000.  I have stories of hope and inspiration, mixed with squaddie humour, that will massage your heart.   I am giving my stories away, with regular updates.     Since

Please support victims of Human Trafficking

I first learned of this evil in the world at the New Wine Festival in 2012.  I listened to Ben Cooley, CEO of Hope for Justice; sharing stories of victims being rescued including a baby.   This affected me deeply and now want this charity to be the only beneficiaries

Greenford ~ 1

I started life in Edgware hospital on 17.11.74, living in Station Parade, Canons Park in Edgware for six months and then relocating to Long Drive, Greenford.  Growing up with my dad Tony, mum Carol, older sister, and Toby MKII the house Labrador, who displayed human characteristics to a T by


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