Duty to inspire and empower injured vets & civvies


Click to read more and you will see that I have given blood all my life

FREE security system DEMO by a Verisure engineer

I ask a huge favour, because as a network marketer and ex soldier I now have this platform to support fellow injured soldiers at https://www.ssafa.org.uk/ Help me to support this much needed charity and try a FREE demo of a Residential or Business security system by a https://www.verisure.co.uk/ engineer. Read

Army ~ 4 (pt 2 of 6)

As an Army Air Corps Groundcrew soldier, one of my jobs would be driving fuel bowsers, 4 ton trucks and Land Rovers, so I would need my HGV licence. The driving school is located at DST Leconfield in Yorkshire and was our first rendezvous since passing Basic and here we

Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities

We need donors from all communities and ethnic backgrounds to donate blood so we can meet the needs of all patients in England now and in the years to come. Black, Asian and minority ethnic donors are specifically needed right now because: some patients who receive frequent blood transfusions need

Army ~ 4 (pt 1 of 6)

I nearly got run over whilst stoned up! The driver recognized me, by virtue of being friends with my step-mum Deryth. I was duly invited home to sort my life out! My dad had a work friend, who used to be in the Army. He may have mentioned how the

Overcome Temptation

The path to maturity was no easier for Jesus than it is for us. He “was in all points tempted as we are, yet without sin” (Hebrews 4:15). In His human nature, Jesus experienced every form of temptation we experience, and yet He never sinned. It is no sin to be tempted!


At the Andrew Wommack Ministries Grace & Faith conference, I experienced a miracle.  In April 2015 God told me to attend the Grace & Faith conference on Fri 22-Sun 24 May in Telford.   God woke me up earlier than normal and had me listen to a radio station I

Climb with Alex 🙄

Ever since the first round of the para climbing series in Scotland in Sep 2018  I recognised how climbing is a distraction and more time consuming than other forms of exercise.  When doing HIIT I can be done in less than 10 mins from the comfort of my home.  

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