Please support me help the NHS find 40,000 blood donors

I am an authorised distributor of joy 😅.  At the close of 2018 I had set up my boogie box inside the centre by M&S and Costa, but was stopped after 20 mins.  I was just about to prepare for my journey home inside Costa, as I needed to rest,

Click to read more and you will see that I have given blood all my life

Army ~ 4 (pt 2 of 6)

  As an Army Air Corps Groundcrew soldier, one of my jobs would be driving fuel bowsers, 4 ton trucks and Land Rovers, so I would need my HGV licence. The driving school is located at DST Leconfield in Yorkshire and was our first rendezvous since passing Basic and here

Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities

We need donors from all communities and ethnic backgrounds to donate blood so we can meet the needs of all patients in England now and in the years to come. Black, Asian and minority ethnic donors are specifically needed right now because: some patients who receive frequent blood transfusions need

Power of God 😎

This is my third video today in the shopping centre.  This process has taken 18yrs, for such a time as this.  I have recently started to focus on Heaven, prior to starting my latest ministry in the shopping centre.  I picture the angels and the saints all sitting in a

The violent take it by force

On November 30th I felt to set up shop on the edge of the Christmas bonanza at Middleton Hall, where its crowded and the acoustics are brilliant.  Compared to being at McDonald’s the atmosphere here felt heavier.  Wisdom said to send a few of the brethren a 🙏 request before

Frustration of being a Muslim 😔

  The Muslims are a race of people, like many who are trying to make the most of their alloted time on this Earth.  These verses are taken out of context, as when they were in context they were fighting for their survival, which brain washed terrorists have abused.  

Army ~ 4 (pt 1 of 6)

  I nearly got run over whilst stoned up!  The driver recognized me, by virtue of being friends with my step-mum Deryth.  I was duly invited home to sort my life out!  My dad had a work friend, who used to be in the Army.  He may have mentioned how

What no security 😳

Weds 28th Nov in church my spiritual father Pastor Glen Ferguson validated me in a way that lifted me up and allowed my light to shine.  Days earlier I saw a video stating how important it was for the father to validate the son with words of affirmation.  I dropped

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