Learn how to earn passive income with reed.co.uk Courses for only £10 🤣

https://www.reed.co.uk/courses/account/my-courses This is a miracle! We often see adverts with purple in shiny hugging suits telling us that unless we can earn money whilst we sleep, that we’re gonna be working until the day we die…. That is no longer our story. Please invest just £10 to learn how to be FREE of the system! To get started you need to either log in to your Google account or create an account with Reed. The course originally cost £999! Much 🥰 Just to show you how Awesome God is, it was whilst l was studying here that l discovered 😇 … Continue reading Learn how to earn passive income with reed.co.uk Courses for only £10 🤣

Watch “14 Foods That Have Almost Zero Carbs” on YouTube

This man is a Godsend! This video showed me where his heart was, and l am so encouraged for my taste buds. That they shall not lack. Now l will just follow this man, when it comes to fitness. There are too many distractions out there. We need to focus on Jesus and He will grant you your hearts desire when your ways please Him. Continue reading Watch “14 Foods That Have Almost Zero Carbs” on YouTube

More Sweet than Savoury keto 😅

Easy Homemade Hummus – Nourishing + Filling Snack in 5 minutes https://simplegreensmoothies.com/recipes/homemade-hummus Sweet Fried Plantains Instant Pot Tom Kha Soup https://recipes.ketocustomplan.com/recipes/cookie-dough-fat-bombs/?email=joygiver74@gmail.com&first_name=Alexander&cc=&utm_source=email&utm_campaign=kcp-cookie-dough-fat-bomb https://example.com/recipes/no-churn-strawberry-ice-cream/ https://example.com/recipes/mozzarella-bread-roll-up-with-egg-and-bacon/ https://example.com/recipes/meatball-sub-sandwich/ https://example.com/recipes/low-carb-bagel/ https://example.com/recipes/lemon-poppy-seed-loaf/ https://example.com/recipes/lemon-bars-with-chocolate-crust/ https://example.com/recipes/layered-berry-chia-pudding/ https://example.com/recipes/keto-friendly-greek-moussaka/ https://example.com/recipes/keto-egg-waffles/ https://example.com/recipes/keto-chocolate-truffles/ https://example.com/recipes/japanese-cheesecake/ I leave the best till last https://example.com/recipes/easy-keto-bread/ I will bake my first keto cake before Weds, which will be part of my selection of deserts at my HOP feast, prior to taking Holy Communion. I’m so excited! https://www.sweetashoney.co/web-stories/keto-vanilla-cake-web-story/ 🤣 Now for cake overhaul 💯 https://www.sweetashoney.co/keto-lemon-cake/ Continue reading More Sweet than Savoury keto 😅

Watch “You Probably Weren’t Expecting To Hear This On Black Friday!” on YouTube

Why is Black Friday so popular? Scarcity! We go crazy for the huge deals, because we can save up to 50-80% and then the day after, the price goes back up again. What about this Black Friday deal. How long does this last for? It is written, ‘it is appointed for man to die and then the judgement’ So long as you have breadth in your lungs, as long as your heart is beating, this deal is still open. You still have access to Jesus Christ. You still have a chance to make your way right with Good, by coming … Continue reading Watch “You Probably Weren’t Expecting To Hear This On Black Friday!” on YouTube

‘I’m a female HGV driver at 23 – people are always surprised when I tell them my job’…

https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/7870205/hgv-driver-shortage-scotland-young-drivers/ Be encouraged all of you that don’t think you could ever be a truck driver, especially since the recent fuel crisis. If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done. Trust me, everyday is different and exciting, plus you will now be part of a much valued family. 😇 Ask yourself, why are you alive today. Cos God still has a purpose for you. We have to overcome that fear of the unknown, because when we do, doors will open for us in ways that we could ever comprehend. Alleluia 😂 Continue reading ‘I’m a female HGV driver at 23 – people are always surprised when I tell them my job’…

Training | Barnardo’s

I got a glimpse of this and l thought WOW! https://www.barnardos.org.uk/commission-us/training At Barnardo’s, we work directly with 358,800 children, young people, parents and carers every year and run over 800 vital services across the UK.  We understand the difficulties organisations are facing in times of continuous change and where services are coping with increased demands and competing priorities. Barnardo’s Training and Consultancy provide high quality and high impact training that supports commissioners to deliver safe services and have a skilled, knowledgeable workforce.  Our delivery has a clear focus on listening to the voices of children and young people and child centred, promoting young people’s well-being, … Continue reading Training | Barnardo’s