We are living in such unprecedented times with distractions coming from all angles. The coronavirus has taken the world by surprise, with some reports blaming the Chinese eating bats bought from the market where the original mutations of the virus jumped from animal to human and now human to human.

Hundreds of thousands of people die from the flu every year is a fact some people point out to quell anxiety about the coronavirus. Governments around the world are struggling to stop the spread of this pandemic. The Spanish flu from 1918 to 1919 and Black Death from 1347 to 1351 were two of the most extreme pandemics ever recorded.

Live update on coronavirus This is more serious than the flu as there is no vaccine, which will take some significant time to produce and make available to the public and experts fear a mutation will develop before a vaccine is found.

Sweden were the only country not to apply Lockdown to protect their economy, but are now changing their stance. When you consider the size of China, the only reason they are successful in Lockdown is communisim. The Chinese people do as they are told. The government also have surveillance cameras everywhere and control social media and personal information which might be intrusive, but life saving.

There is also the belief that G5 mobile transistors are leaking radiation, producing similar symptoms to C19 and hospitals are also using 5G technology. G5 is ten times more powerful than 4G and is allegedly attacking the cells in our bodies. A state of emergency was declared by World leaders to have Lockdown to contain coronavirus and G5 engineers are using this time of isolation to erect supposed radiation leaking masts under our very noses. As a precaution I made sure to contact my local MP to express my concerns and have them at least investigate these allegations.

The Lockdown stipulates that only employment in the frontline from the essential services, such as the NHS, supermarkets, food stores, pharmacies, emergency services and others. In these testing times we are starting to see the real character of a person, where people will also display their insecurities or eccentricities. I saw a man dressed like a nomad on the sand dunes whose eyes were out on stalks if you passed by him whilst shopping and a lady wearing a plastic ball encasing her head, but the craziest display has to go to the person who rolled around a supermarket in a plastic ball 2 metres in diameter and have their friend carry their shopping. I understand that the human ball was evicted from the store.

I have witnessed customers arguing with each other for returning a product to the shelf after touching it and I’ve also heard of women fighting outside a chemist because one older large woman thought she could just jump the queue with a dubious excuse, but the winner for the most selfish act has to go to Sir Richard Branson for demanding that all his staff take 6 weeks unpaid leave, whilst he isolates on his tropical island. This was within a week or so after begging for a loan from the Government and other entrepreneurs such as Duncan Bannatyne, who put Sir Richard in his place with a few choice words, while still continuing to pay his staff. I would not be surprised if by the time that selfish man returns home, that half of his workforce have found other employment elsewhere.

Laws have been introduced to prevent spreading the coronavirus. You may only leave your home if working, shopping or exercising, where new laws are stating that you must keep two metres distance from the next person, which is not practical with the size of some of the supermarket aisles or the walkway in the warehouse. Toilet rolls and hand sanitizers are being bought in desperation, which begs the question ‘what were those people doing before?’ Approaching Easter, the queues outside the supermarket are ridiculous, but the good news is that Marks & Spencer CMK have a good system to reduce queues.

Online there has never been so many gurus wanting to offer you the latest program to offer you an online business, where you can operate it from anywhere in the world. All you need is a laptop and access to the internet. Warren Buffet quoted “if you don’t find a way to earn money whilst you sleep you will work until the day you die”. I hold my hands up and hold the record for the most refunds of online courses that was seriously distracting me from releasing my first mini book. I have had a bee under my bonnet since the last singles retreat in late September when pastor shared some valuable information. Ref making money, do not do trading as its too volatile nor property as it’s too expensive and takes too much time, but to do affiliate marketing as you can’t saturate it!

I would normally get my sublime fix twice a week by attending my church but the Lockdown has now closed all houses of Worship, but I am pleased to hear that most believers already have an online church to follow. Never has there been an opening for the Gospel to be preached, where I need to be sensitive to hear God’s voice.

However less people are viewing online than the usury attendance and 

I need to consider and pray for the people that are falling sick and some that are dying, and I need to seek God’s face so that I can heal them and help them to know the Lord Jesus. Everything is decided in the courts of Heaven and as followers of Jesus we have access via the throne of grace, where we can also intercede

My step mum used to quote to me as a child from Confucius saying how men in pointy hats will rule the world, which economically speaking China is already doing today. There are also reports of Bill Gates helping develop a microchip for the delivery of the vaccine of the coronavirus, which will also contain our personal details. This was prophesied thousands of years ago in the bible. What more need say I.

Whatever happens in my life I need to work out my salvation daily with fear and trembling and save some souls along the way. Having a dream destination is important, but its pursuit has robbed some people of the joy of living in the now. My pastor says that we need to live today as if it’s our last but prepare as if we’re going to live forever. Wealth is defined not by how much we possess, but by how much we give, and I applaud volunteers as our time is the most valuable possession we have.

This event has highlighted the Amazing work done by the NHS and I’m proud to say I’m British when I hear of business’s adapting to support those in need, but little mention has been given of the ladies working at the supermarket checkout, but now thankfully a genius developed a plastic shield which has been a life dancer. It’s been a long time since this country has been proud of their Prime Minister. Boris is the man to lead us out of Europe and into the Land flowing with milk and honey.

My pastor recently preached that this is not the end, because Jesus said that these times shall signify the beginning of the end. However, I do not want to be familiar with the second coming of Jesus Christ. This is the most important event that will ever take place in my lifetime and I don’t want to be caught with my pants down! With all the recent doom and gloom being shared by the media, allow me to shed some light in this tunnel of coronavirus in the video below.

This is just the tip of the iceburg. All I know life can no longer be the same after this pandemic, especially how the press have conducted themselves during the outbreak of C19. We need to change our priorities and I coin the phrase ‘We need to get back to basics’. We need to kick political correctness into touch once and for all! This is where the rubber meets the road!

The latest is that this is not a pandemic, but a Plandemic. C19 did not come from bats as first thought, but was man made in a Chinese laboratory 🤔

Conspirators from the West are heavily involved. It is no coincidence that we had the fiasco with G5 at the start of the year, but I’m surprised that the whistle blowers did not cotton on to what was being planned. They need G5 to transmit the Super Neuro microchips designed by Microsoft, which are planned to be inside the vaccine 👀

These microchips are expected to contain a GPS to locate your loved ones to give you peace of mind or just a subtle form of enslavement. Your bank and medical details will also be included. The shocker is that this was predicted thousands of years ago in

More worryingly what is predicted if we take the microchip Say NO! to the vaccine

Please watch this insightful video 👇


More people have died of the effects of the fear of C19, through suicide and domestic abuse than the actual virus itself. Statistics show that there is an expectancy of the number of deaths, when and the cause. There has been a sinister agenda to attribute most deaths to Covid 19, even when the victim had an alternative pre existing condition.

As a child of God l have the privilege of calling the Judgement of God on the evil conspirators that have allowed evil to prevail on this Earth and then everyone will know that Jesus is Lord and that myself and others will manifest to be the sons which creation is waiting to be revealed 😂

It’s only by His Grace l am what l am

In a nutshell all the government medical advisors are on the payroll of the evil twisted hidden world leaders who need to cripple the world economy by having another Lockdown and have us dependent on the state. Then Bill Gates & co will offer the solution via the vaccine, which conveniently has already been created.

President Donald Trump is the only world leader who is standing in the way of the Great Reset, again planned to roll out at the start of 2021 and I’m sad how HRH Prince Charles is being used to spearhead this evil agenda in the UK to obtain our DNA. As my mum would say they need to MYOB ‘Mind your own business’.


However at this time of my life l was guilty of preaching against the vaccine more than preaching Jesus. I want to renounce and repent for any such comments that offendid some of my friends.

4 thoughts on “Plandemic

  1. Well written Alex, these are perilous times, all that is happening has been recorded over 2000 years ago in the bible. We are very fortunate, blessed and save because we have since made Jesus Christ our Lord and personal saviour, so we are not perturbed or in distress, we live in absolute mastery, victory and rest.

    Thanks for this



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