On the morning of Sunday 14th October 2018 I was prompted to read Matthew and I was dreading it. Forgive me Lord, but I mistook the genealogy of Jesus with the genealogy of the sons of Jacob in 1 Chronicles. 😅 Today I learned that it was Jacob’s son Judah, who was the bloodline of great men of faith like King David, Solomon and Jo

seph the husband of Mary by whom Jesus was born.

Judah was a worshiper and God has a special relationship with any worshipers, eg King Hezekiah, had a death sentence reversed by God Himself. All Hezekiah did was boast in his praises and God loves praise. The same goes for me with my dis-inhibited haphazard style of praise. All I know is that there is power in your praise, which can be stored up as a credit in the heavens. How cool that the word Alleluia is the only word that is the same for all languages throughout planet Earth and it means Praise God!

The previous day I had a powerful time of ministry outside McDonald’s, where a group of teenagers climbed up a tree just so they could sit above me on the roof of the walkway as I worshiped the Lord below. And a gentleman testified how he was hypnotized by the gentle worship music whilst I preached. God stopped him in his tracks as he was heading for an A&A support group and he held onto my bait. Moments later a gentleman rebuked me for doing what I am doing and the crazy thing is that he confessed to also being a Born Again Christian. Proof that God does have a sense of humour.

The next Sunday service had the usual altar call at the end, where I was last in the queue. Pastor told me to say “God give me more”. Seconds later pastor did an altar call just for the preachers to also say “God give me more”. I like to think that was God confirming what I’ve been doing for years on the streets as an evangelist, especially more so recently outside McDonald’s The Point and inside the shopping centre.

After the main service at home, the Lord reminded me of a commendation by my brother Donnie McClurkin for my style of worship from 26.14.

He preached a great message here at New life church, Wolverton, MK at the end of 2010 and the theme that year for Faith Dimensions was Purpose.

In August 2010 the Lord spoke to my heart when Pastor Glen preached ‘to walk into God’s Purpose we must acknowledge who He’s called us to be’. I had to ask friends to start calling me Alexander, and even to this day, I think that was God showing His sense of humour. I still persisted even though it felt like I was urinating in the wind.

The Lord spoke to me again a week later whilst reading the book of Esther, where she had to fast from food & water for 3 days & nights. ‘Lord of Mercy you’ve got to be kidding me’, because I’ve always needed a drink to hand. But by God’s grace I did it and then I had a release in my spirit to look for a job. By the 1st Sept I was working full time for the 1st time in 9yrs and 9 months. However, I had to be obedient twice before I received my miracle. This season lasted for 4 months.

How interesting that God spoke to me via my pastor on Sunday 20th Dec 2009. “Alex, like for Apostle Paul, my grace is sufficient and I will get glory from your life”. Not so long ago pastor said that our Year of Purpose actually had began at the end of 2009. How 😎 is that!

A few hours later at FDM,’s baptismal service, the Spirit of the Lord was upon me. Again how interesting that my worship had been raised in alignment with the pastor’s ordination to be a Bishop. I did moves not witnessed before which caused a stir near the altar, where I was worshiping.

As I don’t do things in half measure, I finished the evening with aching legs. My faith was waiting for my cold bath on my return home. I only learned of this treatment since stretching my finger tendons whilst climbing earlier in the year. Once the injured body part is removed after being in ice cold water for two minutes or so, new blood vessels are created in the injured area. Repeat as and when required.

My friend sent me this confirmation.

For every season there is a purpose and our situation will only change once we have completed that purpose, especially so with our relationships. We only have friends for a reason, a season or for life. We no longer enjoy the company of that person when they are no longer of any use to man or beast aka they suck the life out of you! They have served their purpose and now its time for you to part company for the sake of peace.

The dictionary states that ‘Purpose is the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists’. Why I am still alive considering what I have experienced so far in my life. God has always been in control for such a time as this, where He is getting glory from my life.

A few days ago I was reminded that its not so much what you do for God, but your relationship with him and the two most important decisions we will ever have to make is choosing Jesus as Lord & Saviour and the spouse that you marry.

Life without Jesus is possible, but you will have less time, little peace, be more frustrated and have more pain; especially in your mind which is a battlefield. If you please, a playground for the devil and when you are not trusting in Jesus our sin nature will keep us separated from God. The great news is that Jesus has overcome the world and we just have to rest in the finished works of Calvery, but you can only do that once you’re Born Again 😇

We need to confess Jesus as our Lord & Saviour and believe in our heart that God raised Him from the dead and we will be saved.

Whilst I have breath of life my purpose is to further the kingdom of God, whilst waiting for the Lord to return.

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