MK Newspaper 2011

edfA man left partially paralyzed after a skiing accident is spreading a message of hope after he completed the London Marathon in 2011.

When he was in the Army in 2000, Alexander Laing 36, was left paralysed down his left hand side after the accident, which left him with problems with his co-ordination, vision, speech and fatigue.

Since joining Faith Dimensions in Wolverton, Milton Keynes, Alex from Bradville, became a born-again Christian and now says anything is possible after having set up his own gardening business and completing the marathon in April.

He said I’m amazed I managed to complete it, but even though I had fatigue I saw it as my faith being tested.

“There’s hope even after you’ve had tragedy in life.  Since I’ve had Jesus in my life I’ve had more hope and I think that’s something society lacks”.

Alex pictured is raising money for Milton Keynes based street children charity Toybox and is £150 off his total of £1000.  To sponsor Alex, please visit

Since 2012 I have been working at Marks & Spencer cmk

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